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Our Approach
Our Uniqueness

At 'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic' we don’t treat the disease alone, we treat the person as a whole. means, that is to say by producing natural homoeostasis we improve the resistance/tolerance/immunity/Natural healing power of a person up to such a level that disease is treated by body itself; what so ever the name of disease is, it does not matter; our system is helpful in any stage or disease process.

Understanding you

After taking thorough case histories which include detailed inquiry about your illness, past history, family history, treatment history, investigations if required, your general information as appetite, thirst, thermal tolerance, emotional & psychiatric nature, temperament etc. our treatment begins with a right remedy which brings about a complete transformation at psyche, mental and physical levels. This is our Uniqueness. Apart from reversing the disease process, our remedies also rebalance your personality and temperament, leaving you healthy, happy, more efficient and revitalised. We achieve our amazing results with the simple but natural homoeopathic remedies only.

Your emotional nature, the physical ailments you experience and the way you react to your environment mirror your 'genetics'. This is a complex and intimate interplay between psyche and body and its expression is unique to every individual. Eventually, this holistic union - for better or worse - determines who you are and your state of health and well-being.

Understanding you that is your genetics and ultimately your sensitivity accurately is fundamental to your successful treatment - and this is one of the areas of our expertise.

Long Term Cure

Once treatment begins, our patients usually experience substantial results in a matter of days or weeks depending upon the chronicity of their illness. Over the course of time, we address the root cause of the disease, correct the faulty metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Since the internal environment is returned to an optimal state of functioning, recovery is for long-term.
Our way of treatment is ideal cure; i.e. not merely disappearance of troubling signs and symptoms of disease but. It is RAPID, GENTLE & PERMANENT restoration of the health, or removal & annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on basis of homoeopathic principles.

In most of the curable cases, the symptoms will disappear on Nature’s way or on Herring Law of cure i.e. the disease will disappear from within out ward, from above downward, in reverse order of their appearance, from more important to less important organs & from right to left side of your body.

A General proof of right prescription will show itself by

•  General good feeling; sense of well being,
•  Disappearance of weakness (if any),
•  Desire for work; increase in stamina,
•  Normal sleep; refreshed after sleep,
•  Improvement in appetite and stool,
•  Increase in tolerance to aggravating factors like sun, wind, cold, food, stress etc.
•  Reduction in fears, anxieties, rudeness, anger etc

Incurable Cases

At 'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic' we deal with the entire extent of ailments but we are especially reputed for treating 'deep pathological and incurable' cases. These are challenging cases that most of practitioners and allopathic doctors have given up their hope.
Only an impressive medical track record and years of experience are not enough to achieve 100-per cent results. Inspiring these incredible results Dr. A K Laduna, of 'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic', a pioneer in psyche-body medicine and among the most sought-after homoeopaths in the region; is a gifted practitioner whose intuitive healing skills have cured more than 2 lakh people over the last 25+ years, since 1989.

Our Journey

'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic' is a multi-specialty homoeopathic healthcare clinic founded on little more than faith and a burning desire to heal. That was in 1989, from Anupgarh, a small town in Sriganganagar District of Rajasthan, shifted to capital of Rajasthan in 2006. Today we treat patients not only from all over India but also from many foreign countries including America, Europe etc, thanks to faith of our patient as well as our team of expert doctors who are groomed under the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programme at 'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic'.

We are also an ISO 9001: 2008 certified clinic, a testament to our professional standards and quality service.
We also have a dedicated Research & Development Team that constantly unravels new insights into effective and innovative healthcare solutions. Our R & D Team thus assists in achieving accurate diagnoses and empirical results.
At 'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic', our patients are our top priority and in keeping with our personalised approach, our staff undergoes regular training to build strong and healthy patient relationships.
It's 'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic’s' Way - rebalancing your psyche and body to re-awaken the natural healer in you.

Outreach Programmes

We are regularly engaged with outreach programmes. Human condition is a social reality, and since health and well-being depend on great extent on our social milieu, we decided to extend our expertise to a broader canvas. We are not only treating the patients, but With the help of homoeopathic Medicines bring the sensitivity, tolerance and immunity of the patient at the correct level that is necessary to remain healthy for longer time. More over we also educate our patients about diet, exercise, and other living habits. We educate the persons about the things that deranges health and causes disease, in this sequence we use to publish articles in our clinic’s facebook fan page regularly, it contains health information; medical updates, finding the disease earlier in you so that earlier treatment may ensue; we are also doing this job by the use of twiter and blogs also.
'The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic' has many innovative initiatives that cover educational institutions, various types of clubs, social groups, groups of senior citizens and corporate firms etc. These programmes include health clinics, seminars and workshops, and interactive sessions that aim to encourage the community to embrace a safe and holistic system of healing.
Dr A. K Laduna regularly conducts Clinical Training for students and practitioners at the Laduna Clinic in Jaipur.
Dr A K. Laduna Video
Dr A K. Laduna Video
Dr A K. Laduna Video
Dr A K. Laduna Video
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