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What is Homoeopathy?
Word Homoeopathy (derived from the Greek words "Homeos" meaning Similar and "Pathos" meaning suffering) is a branch of medical science which works on the principle of "Like Cures Like"; i.e. a disease is cured with potentised and minute doses of similar disease producing in a healthy person. So, that medicine, which is the closest match between the patient's symptoms and those it will produce in a healthy body, is given in small doses to cure the suffering.
Which ingredients are used in homoeopathic medicines?
The ingredients used in homoeopathic medicines are mostly derived from natural substances like plants, minerals, and few from animal products etc. which are subjected to a procedure of dynamysation to bring out their medicinal properties. Currently, around 3000 such ingredients are used. Examples: Plants extract, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, etc.
How does a homoeopathic medicine selected for a patient?
The homoeopath notes the patient's case, identifies his/her individual symptoms (e.g. disease symptoms, basic nature of person, his lifestyle, stress factors, past history of illness, family history of disease, etc.) and selects the medicine which best matches these symptoms.
Do homoeopathic medicines have any side-effects?
Commonly, homoeopathic medicines do not have any side-effects. However, minor intensification of symptoms may occur in some cases indicating enhancing of the immune system to cure the disease. Such intensification of symptoms in turn depends upon the patient’s physical, mental and emotional sensitivity. Hence, Homoeopathic medicines should always be taken after consulting a certified and experienced homoeopath only.
Can we have a homoeopathic medicine kit at home for common cold, headache or acidity etc?
No, you cannot have such kit; here in homoeopathic system of treatment there is no any medicine for the name of disease as for common cold, headache or acidity, the medicine is selected for the person that is the changed state of person’s activity, thirst, thermal the symptoms of disease etc. moreover the persons who are under our treatment will not fall sick very often as after a successful treatment we increase their immunity, tolerance and sensitivity up to a normal threshold level.
Is it harmless to take homoeopathic remedies along with regular medicines?
Yes. In fact, regular drugs become vital along with homoeopathic medicines in certain cases like thyroid ailments, diabetes, heart problems, accidents, etc. However, all these drugs should be taken or discontinued under the guidance of an expert physician only. Yes it is advised that you should tell us what treatment you are already taking. Better not to begin any other treatment without informing us because there are some medicines which interfere with the proper action of our treatment eg. the medicines prevents exteriorization of disease (local application in skin disease), medicine for mild infection or fevers.
Is homoeopathy safe for children, pregnant women, elder Citizens?
Absolutely.....Homoeopathy is for people of all ages and conditions. It is seen that children and female being more sensitive, close to nature respond swiftly to homoeopathic treatment.
How long does it take for homoeopathic treatment to begin recovery?
Undoubtly it starts working instantly, yes homoeopathy may take minutes or even years to heal a patient depending upon his/her type & duration of illness, case history, immune system, lifestyle, habits, stress factors and personality. For instance, a case of vomiting or asthmatic attack will respond within minutes in clinic but chronic asthma, hypothyroidism or tumour will take more time to heal. However, the game is of best selection homoeopathic medicine, this only will give prompt and desired effect.
Which foods should be avoided during homoeopathic treatment?
Generally we don’t suggest avoiding any thing. It is usually seen that the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines is not affected by habitual diet and day to day life. But if there is a demand of anything to be avoided for your suffering we suggest you with logics so that you understand and follow it accordingly. Actually confusion arise when few homoeopath recommend avoiding some food like raw onion, coffee, tobacco, sour food, etc; but we don’t. If there is any wrong food habit or un natural craving, after a right treatment that will disappear.
Why is a first homoeopathic consultation lengthy?
The first Homoeopathic consultation primarily comprises case-taking of detailed knowledge about sufferings, physical, mental and emotional history, which lasts for 1/2-1 hr or more depending upon the case. such a case helps in discovering the root cause of the patient's sickness. As homoeopathy treats origin cause of any disease, a complete case history is essential. Subsequent visits (follow-ups) take lesser time (around 5- 10 minutes only).
How are homoeopaths trained?
In India, homoeopaths have to compulsorily study 5-1/2 years' degree course including 1-year internship. Subjects are the same as other medical courses as allopathy, along with homoeopathic science and philosophy. For MD course is takes 3 more years.
Can homoeopathy help in cases of poisoning, accidents, drowning and other emergencies?
In all emergencies like poisoning, accidents, drowning, etc, it is always necessary to revive/save the patient by means of life-saving drugs and some emergency procedures like life-support by oxygen, tube insertion in windpipe to facilitate breathing (intubation), etc. Thus in the initial hours, emergency and life support as hospitalization and other treatment is required. Once the patient's condition is stable, homoeopathy can be used to re-establish his immunity and recover the patient more rapidly.
How can homoeopathy help in fractures, cuts, wounds, etc?
In case of some fractures, cuts, wounds, etc. again surgery becomes very important. Homoeopathic medicines can be given later to further healing and also as an antiseptic. Yes in case of nonunion of fracture, delayed or non healing wounds and other aftereffects our treatment helps wonderfully.
What is the origin of homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy was discovered in Germany by a physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1790. Hahnemann believed that the underlying causes of disease were phenomena that he termed miasm, and that homoeopathic remedies addressed these. The remedies are prepared by repeatedly diluting a chosen substance in alcohol or distilled water, followed by forceful striking on an elastic body that is dynamisation. Dilution usually continues well past the point where no molecules of the original substance remain but something beyond it present there. Homoeopaths select remedies by considering the totality of the patient's symptoms, personal traits, physical and psychological state, and life history.
What are general instructions for a patient who want to consult you?
• Our first session is important, it takes sufficient time too, especially for a chronic illness (for acute illness it takes ten minute time), therefore take an appointment and have adequate time as well.
• For children consultancy, it is beneficial that mother should come with child, for the reason that no one knows more than a mother.
• Previous investigation reports, treatment prescriptions etc. should also be brought if possible, to avoid unnecessary loss of time and money on repeated investigation.
• While narrating about your illness- tell without hesitation, in detail about asked questions as about past history, family history, sleep, dreams, appetite, thirst, urine stool, tolerance of heat/ cold, your nature, temperament, behavior, mood changes, habits, reactions to adverse circumstances etc. even thouh for you they are not so important for you.
• Be sure your mater will not be disclosed.
• If you are not comfortable with any others presence in Doctor’s chamber be he/ she our assistant, or your attendant; state rightfully for space to yourself.
What are general instructions for a patient who taking your treatment?
• After first consultancy we provide you a Registration Number which is permanent, please refer it during follow up, subsequent consultancies and phone calls etc.
• If there is no emergency, and you just ordering for courier medicine, want to give your follow up on phone, the daily timing is morning 11 to 11.30; In case of emergency call any time at reception (0141-2440515, and +91-96800-80341).
• Don’t apply any medicated ointment, oil or powder while treatment these may interfere exteriorization of disease.
• Avoid taking treatment for mild fever, one – two loose stools, mild cold etc. this may again hinder exteriorization of disease. Consult without delay if problem is severe.
• Instructions may vary patient to patient, so follow your instructions only.
• Don’t take any other patient’s medicine, assuming I am also having same illness; our medicine differs for every individual suffering from same ailment.
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